Kids of the Night..

A set of Almajiri children roaming the streets..Photo taken by Gbenga Dansu for the Guardian, visit below for Story full link.

I met a child, armed with a bright smile
I stopped and stared as his face lit mine,
He held out a bowl and I put something in
All of a sudden his peers rushed in..

Hungry and weary, dirty and broken
With their bowls they roam the streets, their eyes sunken
Swarm foreigners for alms and food
Shown no love; they never begged to be born
Left to fate to show them where to roam,

In rare moments you can catch a glimpse
Of the hunger, tiredness and resignation to life
It makes all my adulthood problems feel like a joke
To see kids beg for every single meal,

They grow old, they pick a trade
They become the victims of life and fate
To him who pays dictates their song
A life of crime, poverty and hate,

Still yet I’m marveled by a few,
Who despite all odds remain humble and true
Still holding that bright smile through the years
Feeling blessed yet with no place to rest…

Written by my guest writer #KiKi…Click to read more of KiKi’s works

Inspired by some Almajiri kids KiKi encountered. Click here to read about the Almajiris

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