My two cents on weddings..

So recently I read this post on Abby’s Blog about the big fat Indian wedding, it made a very interesting read as I was rolling over with laughter. More-so because I could relate it to our Naija weddings..the aso ebi syndrome, the glam and blings, the abundance of food (this part I like)…amidst others.

Gorgeous Wedding Photos Courtesy @WeddingDigestNaija on Instagram

About two days ago I was having a conversation about relationships with my best friend, being a guy I guess I could understand why he had emphasis on being financially stable before any guy could tie the knots, I on the other hand couldn’t see the logic in that, as far as I am concerned, someone else will put a ring on it if you don’t as a guy, simply because you want to be financially stable. On another hand, considering the societal emphasis on glam weddings and expectations from married couples, I guess I could understand the need to be financially stable. So what we have is a guy waiting for the right time and a lady waiting for the guy to propose!!

Pictures courtesy @WeddingDigestNaija

Does it mean that they can’t be a couple without the proposal and the financials? I’m just curious here because it baffles me, considering the rate of divorces and separations we have today from couples who had the proposal and financials in place before the wedding. Do people date for fun or what? I have witnessed people being in a relationship for years, with no wedding in view, they don’t even know where they stand with each other in the relationship. For you to be together with someone, it is because you see a future with that person, correct me if am wrong. If you don’t, why tag the relationship what its not? Why hold a person’s heart to ransom because you think you are not ready? Its not rocket science, it’s either you both want a future together or not!! If you do, you would both put a ring on it and stay loyal/committed to building your future. If you have reservations and are both not sure you want to build your future together, you may as well part ways now and both be at peace, instead of living one party unsure as to where they stand in the relationship.

Pictures courtesy @WeddingDigestNaija

Anyways these are just my thoughts on the matter. I can’t forget to mention these two family blogs I just discovered, Naija Husband and Verastic Blog. This post by Naija Husband on equal partnership is a must read for any aspiring couple and those who are hitched already. Marriage is not a competition, its about each person bringing a 100% to the show. It’s about building the best future for yourselves.


P.s – Follow those blogs for personal and inspiring marriage stories.
P.p.s (as Vera likes to say, although I have no p.p.p.s, Lol) – wedding is just an occasion, not the basis of your life as a couple.
P.P.P.s – I got one..yaay. if you aren’t following @weddingdigestnaija on instagram, u are missing loads of wedding and marriage inspired posts.


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