Constructive Criticism..#WednesdayTrivia

#WednesdayThoughts, This is a response I gave to a friend just now. I mentioned that I wanted to make a memorial online (there’s a website dedicated to that – lifetime payment is about $80) for my best friend I lost last year, and he said whoever is dead is dead and gone, win the souls of those alive to God. He said he meant no offense, I didn’t take any, but felt a little hurt, she was my best friend, a little memorial won’t hurt, and his tone suggested don’t bother. #myopinionthough.

So I said…
“Basically you do what you believe in, and I do what I believe in. We are both free to support or not support one another.

Whether we do or don’t has nothing to do with our friendship except the parties involved don’t know what it means to love your neighbor.

Meanwhile don’t put down the words or efforts of others even if you don’t mean it. Constructive criticism is BAE 😍

You don’t have to get the point always why people do what they do. You just have to support or waka pass (meaning walk away).:)”


#TriviaWednesday – who can rephrase his statement in a more constructive and positive way?? Go Go Go Go…

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