Learn from the water melon…#HappyFathersDay

Let me tell you about my afternoon today, there I was working on my presentation online, when my dad asked me to dissect a water melon for him…my mom had bought two on her way back from church. I sliced the melon into two halves…separated them.


At that instant I had a phone call, I couldn’t put it off, I had promised to call this person everyday for the past one month now..sighs..my bad. While speaking to my friend, I suddenly remembered I shared a photo on my timeline a while back about the right and wrong way to cut up a water melon. So I went hunting on my Facebook timeline while speaking to my friend, Gosh that’s the beauty of smartphones. Viola, I found it… and screen-munched it immediately.


I’m a curious cat, I can’t help it, and a sucker for trying out new and scary things. So I zoomed in and told my friend about my new discovery, promising to share photos after I dropped the call. Don’t worry I already did before writing this..Hahaha


As you can see I carried out the experiment successfully, maybe not perfectly. So I picked one slice out and somehow it seemed a better slice as opposed to the other way (referred as the wrong way in the picture above) of cutting it up I was used to. The seeds came out easily too….


Food for thought: Ever tried something new and it came out good or bad, at least you tried. There’s no one right way to doing things, or perhaps there is. I would love to hear your experience.


Henceforth, my water melons will be cut up in this way….at least until i discover another way again. See you then..Xo. And a happy FATHER’S DAY greetings to all the fathers out there who are indeed Fathers, including my dad.

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