Blogging Demystified…

I was surfing through my Facebook some days ago and I came across a lady’s status, She was a recipient of a blogging class I facilitated in some weeks ago.


Can you read all that?

I wanted to read the post but my eyes wouldn’t let me, I was thinking why is this post so distracting I can’t even read further? 😧😨😦

Why the abbreviations?

Good Facebook post it is, but the purpose is defeated if it hurts ones eyes, just looking at it continuously keeps hurting my eyes, feels like am looking at needles.

So I was torn between telling her and blogging about it!

What do you think?

Perhaps a copy of my blogging demystified write-up will do the trick? There’s no such thing as learning too much right?

Download yours now…

Simply click here, checkout and download a copy, free download period over. it costs 200 naira, way less than a dollar. In this you find all the basics to blogging there is. Great information packed in just 14pages.

Download yours now…

Feedback will be appreciated in the comments section.👍👍


  1. What annoys me most on facebook these days is “hbd”
    Surely we can type more than that. Thanks for writing about this, i hope the right people read this and i love your blog too 😘😘😘

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    1. Thanks Sis. Haha…so many abbreviations these days, if one doesn’t follow, one will be lost. I remember when it started with LOL😂. I hope the right people read this too. This right here and the likes is just so unforgivable😧.


        1. You right about that. If I say Lol, its either am tired of the conversation, or I don’t know what to say anymore or I give up on the topic of discussion at that moment or I don’t want to be rude. Hehe.


  2. I so dislike this style of writing. I simply can’t read it. I know that I make mistakes when I write. English, after all, is not my favorite language. But this is just torture. I often wonder if they truly have no clue about the spelling of the words or if it’s laziness.

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  3. it’s rather sad that the internet is “killing” essential communication skills like good writing. Good writing being the ability to write clearly and concisely for the purpose of passing our message across to our selected audience… you know, as any simple model of the communication model would imply. if our activities or the nature of internet related communication is really to be blamed is another issue but I think we could all agree that no matter how dynamic and creative the communication process is, it cannot loose the qualities of simplicity and clarity. let us continue to strive towards a more noise-free exchange. Good work MJ!

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    1. I agree to that. Yaaaaay. It’s really sad for sure. I remember my dads lawyer complained about that too some months ago, he said, I don’t understand youths anymore, they send me facebook chats with abbreviations that I always feel compelled to tell the sender, I can’t read what you wrote, pls write appropriately. I told him I don’t know why too. Beats me. The space is there, use it, its not Twitter, even at that Twitter is helping us to be descriptive and creative, just try coming up with 6 words for anything you want to say with meaning.


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