#AllLivesMatter, but not all lives are in equal danger…#Fact

Just last night I came across this blog, talking about how White Christians need to get ‘woke’. Only for me to sleep and wake up to this on instagram..

At first I didn’t get the video, I didn’t think the sounds I heard were shots fired. So I just googled #blacklivesmatter, yes don’t get me wrong #alllivesmatter, but this picture answers that..


Its the same thing here where some people are other people’s targets. And yes it’s a fact that not all lives are in equal or same danger. I surfed through lots of posts and videos, I found out that he was shot 6 times and he’s dead.😿. Nothing however prepared me for this..

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So sad… Jesus! YES #BlackLivesMatter #AltonSterling

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I just couldn’t stop the tears. Its one thing to hear like we do here all the time when trigger happy police officers kill someone, its another thing to watch someone getting killed, knowing its not a movie.

Honestly I am just short of words…Shuooo, they shot at someone just like that, I don talk am, if them no ban gun like Japan and Australia did, make them forget about peace. The outcome of all this madness will make 9/11 look like moimoi…#Fact.

If these continues, which sadly I think it will, the outcome will be disastrous.

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  1. This post is too powerful for my words. All the incidents of this past week grieve me for the state of our country. You would think we could move beyond all the hatred and prejudice of the past, but it has not happened. What we need to realize as a country is that if one group of people is not safe, no one is safe ultimately. Those words come from a friend of mine who is a child Holocaust survivor. She tells kids that in every lecture. They are just as true for our situation here. Thugs sometimes wear uniforms and dirty them, as did the Nazis. I hope we find an answer to this soon. Take care, Mary, and keep writing.

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    1. Thanks Masha, to be honest its really sad. Like someone said, the shootings aren’t new, its the cameras that are. I get when I hear this and that, not knowing if its true or false and there’s room for doubt. But seeing it almost live feels me with so much sadness. To say its saddening, is an understatement. The way I see it, moving beyond this without justice being served will certainly not augur well. My prayer is for all of this madness to be things of the past as it should be.

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      1. I agree 100%. I hope it can be! If only all of us could take a trip to outer space, and realize that we have no one but ourselves to rely on. We can’t get by and remain enemies and continue to hurt each other. It goes beyond avoiding those that anger and hurt us. Sometimes we can’t avoid bullies. There is a lot of mental illness (temporary or permanent) that comes into play when someone becomes aggressive towards another. Bullies are fearful people and hurting others makes them feel powerful. They do not see the need for the other person, and they devalue them to make themselves seem greater. They ought to try to go it totally alone. Maybe try out for naked and afraid, only with no partner. I’m rambling here, but I’m mad, too.

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        1. Sorry Masha, don’t be mad. I was mad but then I had to calm down, being mad, I have experienced, can make one really irrational. And we need to be sane for ourselves and for others. We need to be sane to be able to keep calling a spade a spade. Perhaps I should send some butterflies your way to cheer you up😀😀😀. For #AltonSterling and all others, God bless their souls…may their souls torment all that are against them until justice is served. 🙏

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  2. Your post is powerful and your reply comments even more so. I found your blog while visiting Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns and I am so glad that I did. Looking forward to following you.

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  3. I agree also. There have been too many videos where police have shot to kill unarmed people, it is wrong on so many levels. The answer is education, youth support programs and programs to help those in poverty..not incarceration and certainly not killing:((


    1. I highly doubt the problem here is the fact that those being killed are poor and helpless. The obvious problem here is the fact that they are black. And that’s a fact. If at all, anything justice should be served to those killers. No child is born a racist, it is either taught or imbibed, parents should raise their children to not think their skin colour or nationality makes them superior over others, everyone on this planet is human who’s lives are to be treated with the respect and value they deserve. In the case where this children grow up to be killers who feel its okay to kill another in cold blood, its either they weren’t raised properly or they were (but didn’t listen), in whichever case, they should be thrown behind bars for a thousand years. Plain simple. This is too consistent to be ignored. Like someone rightly said, the killings aren’t new, its the videos/camera that are.

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      1. I saw the video after I commented. I haven’t been on social media lately. It was outright, horrific muder. Justice needs to be served, and they should be brought up on murder! These killings are insane and have got to be stopped. I tend to think in terms of kids because I’m a substitute teacher and dealing with some of the issues we have locally.

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