White Christians: Time to Get Woke

Never read a piece so enlightening on the need to simply care. Reinforces the need for us to listen to understand, not to listen to respond.
The line “Not to fix. Not to politicize. Not to pity. Definitely not to argue.
To simply care.” got me wondering a lot…💕. I hope we all get “WOKE”, the entire human race.
Powerful – A God we don’t know his skin colour. I thought a lot about this recently, even in the Yoruba tradition, all the gods have a face that we can picture but Olodumare (God), no one absolutely knows. God is indeed great!!


I should start by giving a disclaimer. I don’t claim to be completely “woke.” In fact, I’m probably far from woke. I’m trying to get woke, hence the title. I simply want other people like myself to try, simply attempt to get woke with me. 

I am as white as it gets. Nearly 100% European ancestry, mostly English. I grew up in a mostly white suburb and live in a mostly white town. I’m soon moving to a town that’s probably whiter than the one I live in now. I’m WHITE. I haven’t shielded myself from cultures different my own, but I haven’t exactly immersed myself in them.

However, for probably 10 years, I’ve truly appreciated many pieces of art created by brothers and sisters who do not share my skin color. In my middle school years, the rhymes of African-American and Christian rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H. filled my headphones…

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