Questioning the cult of BUSY😵

Amidst broadcasting messages on my WhatsApp messenger, responding to friends asking about this and that, talking to loved ones and Famiglia. A friend said; you should be busy, let me leave you to it.

The first thought that came to mind was a post I read about questioning the cult of BUSY written by Lisa Jakub. I searched my WordPress site to see if I Reblogged it, but it wasn’t here. So I took to facebook, typed the words ‘guilty of being busy’ and baaam the post I shared from WP popped out. Re-visited her page but couldn’t find the Reblog button. Hence I created this post to share with you all.

She is no doubt being a productive woman!

Its pretty convenient and almost an auto-response to say, we are busy, to almost every question, it gives the feeling, heck yeah I’m a superwoman or superman, I’m so busy, even Barack Obama can’t get an appointment. (We know that’s false 😂😂).

No matter how occupied or engaged we are, we can always make time for people except we choose not to, or we have been stretched pretty thin and need a break.

Which ever way it is, do read up Lisa’s post here, and lets come up with creative ways to describe being busy. I had sent my friend a link as a response and he read up noting that, the term may mean different things to different people. But here’s what I think Lisa meant;

It shouldn’t be appropriate for anyone to get initiated into the ‘Busy Cult’, we should come up with better ways to communicate what we are doing, rather than just falling back on ‘being busy’

. #MyOpinion, will be glad to listen to yours 👍.

I will be watching you henceforth..

So lets get creative getting out of the busy cult, I will go first:
1. I was occupied with writing this post using my WordPress phone app.
2. I am engrossed with reading tweets on Twitter.
3. ………………………………………(Your Turn – How have you been doing?).

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    1. Awesome Sharon, can’t wait to see the final launching of your office. You will share pictures with us right. Right now, I’m planning to drop my phone and go to bed, Its 2:05am.

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