Live-Streaming Disasters

Let’s face it: Live-streaming disasters doesn’t make the world a better place –

I’m almost going to agree, drop our smartphones and take a walk. Technology is supposed to make us bond together, Kumbaya. Lately, I honestly don’t know what to think anymore. I know its not the technology’s fault per se, but how do we get humans everywhere to all stand for something great? To love without restrictions and to be filled with compassion towards one another??:|:|:|:|:|



    1. Yes Sharon. That’s how I feel, it all boils down to us people being the problem, not the technology. How else would two people fall off a cliff playing pokemon or whatever the heck pokemon is.

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  1. Ah Maria, I wish I had the answers to the questions. I too have a love/hate attitude towards technology. I mean after all, here I am pecking away a message to you half way round the world–a message that you will receive in seconds–that’s amazing, and the Blog is a wonderful platform for finding and forming friendships with other humans who feel as you do…unlike Facebook that is so full of hate and violence, I can’t stand it.

    But I think you do what you can do. Your posts make me think and they often make me feel a bit better. That’s a good thing. So thank you!

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    1. Aww thanks Paul. You have made my week brighter. I’m honoured and glad my posts make you feel that way. And you are quite on the right path too, we should do what we can do. I will be forever grateful to WordPress and Technology for giving us this wonderful opportunity to express oneself without fear of being trolled by trolls. Not to mention connecting with like-minded lovely people across the globe.😍😍😍😎👍👍.

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