Fighting to overcome FEAR 😰😥

There I was, in my apartment, I had stayed away for almost two months, believing by the time I got back, I did be over the fear of our house being burglarized. Staying away didn’t work because I stayed up all night my first day looking at my door.

Site workers fighting over a big fish caught in the swamp in April

By 7am, the sky was bright, I felt better and slept for about one hour before getting on with work. Came another night, I was exhausted from a long day, finally got to sleep around 6p.m., I doubt I slept long before I flew up seeing it was dark. I thought, oh my, another bout of restlessness:'(:'(.

Yours black and white 😁

I ended up leaving my apartment around 10pm for a friend’s apartment who offered me their couch. Oh my, I was grateful. My friend and the whole family were super kind and warm. Imagine as a sibling waking up to find an homeless person had broken into your apartment and taken over your couch.😂😂. All the while I still felt a little down worrying about what I couldn’t help.


Next day I headed out to town to meet up with a friend who was in town and I hadn’t seen for 6years. On my way back, I thought to myself, why not go see a Kevin Hart Movie, that should boost my mood further.

Getting my movie ticket..

So I did, I watched Central Intelligence..oh my, that’s a side of #TheRock I hadn’t seen, dude was hilarious. And #KevinHart did what he do best, make bird calls…kakakakoo🐓🐔🐓🐔🐔🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔😁😁😁😂.

After the movie..😎😎

That movie gave me another perspective to look at life, how ones life could switch from good to bad or bad to good in an instant, how not to ever bother when people remind you of how you used to always have the best ideas, and still do, evenwhen it looks like they are doing better than you.

Preach the words that are coming outta my mouth 👍👌👆☝

Be focused on you and where you are headed.😍 Same day while surfing through facebook memories I came across this:

Woow..Five years ago 😁😁

Same day, I called a friend who works around where I was, and even though he was headed out already and there was traffic, my awesome friend came back and gave me a big hug, reminding me of the fact that everything was going to be just fine. Next day, I switched rooms in my apartment. Perhaps that would help me overcome the fear. Yet to try it out.


A big Shout out to all the friends who stick by each other, who go out of their way to hold each other up. Can I hear a whoop whoop 😍👍.

Leaving the cinema..

The weekend was better and great. I met with two beautiful moms who made my transition into the weekend a good one.


I had to postpone a training but the responses to my postponement wasn’t so terrible. I also got myself another power bank/Bluetooth speaker/torchlight to replace the stolen one, this is way cooler.

Boogie to the the the front, to the back 💃

I can boogie on the move without my headphones, did I mention it has an inbuilt omnidirectional microphone.😎

I also got a beautiful comment from a friend in the WordPress community. The thought that I make someone feel better with my posts half way round the world, is an inspiring one.


A big shout out to all the good people out there spreading love and happiness in our troll-filled world. Sometimes, a change is perspective and a switch in routine might be what we need to paint a great picture, or overcome that fear & sadness. Or in my case, a visit to a cinema😍😍.


I always say its okay to feel down occasionally, never let the feeling stay for long in your heart, it will eat you up till you can see no more.


      1. Have you tried smudging your home to clear out the energy of the burglury? If you can find some crystals for protection, put your intent in them and place them around your home. they don’t have to be big pieces. Look for Malachite, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz or Obsidian. Any of them will help keep you safe. You can even carry a piece with you. Left pocket, hand bag or a piece of jewelry. ❤

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        1. Thanks Sharon. Will try that, haven’t been to the house since I left last two Fridays. At my parents. Now am thinking where am I going to find those crystals? I am so not familiar with all the names you mentioned. I only know what crystals are from the t.v. I will ask around though. Will be hard for sure. Since you say it would make my blood pressure not rise when it gets dark in my house though, I sure will get some.

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  1. Kevin Hart and The Rock are the best people to watch when feeling down in the dumps. Hope you managed to get some sleep in your place finally. Stay strong. Hugs!

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  2. How sweet you are!

    I definitely agree we need all the positivity and goodness we can get hold of. We had more policemen killed two days ago, this time in Louisiana. It’s a terribly difficult time for folks over here. And the Pres election insanity is moving into high gear…sigh.

    So we look for the shade and the peaceful place and there relax and take a deep, deep breath. Somehow, surely, we’re gonna make it through all this.

    I loved the pics. 🙂 Thanks again!

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    1. Thanks a lot Paul..again for the kind words. We can pray for peace and do what we can do. We just got to stay positive and get all the goodness we can. What good can it do us if we drown in the sadness. Holding your hands from over here, lets all stay strong together.

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  3. Focusing on yourself is one of the best lessons you ever learn. Believe me. Keep that thought for a long time. If you are doing everything within the norms, your integrity in check, and you are not hurting anyone, you should be good to go. Don’t mind how “seemingly” good or bad everyone is doing. We all have our strengths and weakenesses. Gonna know balance. 🙂
    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only having problem sleeping lately. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Rommel for the kind words of advice..Oh yeah I am so sticking to that thought, always did, will continue to do so. We got to find a way to sleep at night though.😁😁😁. Finding a balance is Bae 😍 and oh yeah, integrity ✔ not hurting any one ✔ doing everything within my norms ✔. Thanks Rommel for the inspiration.👍


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