Spam comments, how do you identify the trolls?

​Troll: Past and Present Meaning.

Back then, troll – (in folklore) an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

Today, troll – a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting or a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting or a line or bait used in trolling for fish.

Additional Troll meaning from me: Spammers. 

Don’t they ever get tired😱?

I decided to go through my comments listed as spam today, on very few occasions I have had a blogger or two (that I know) whose comment got stuck there, and this is what I found😠

At first I thought, I don’t know this person but could this be real? He’s talking about blogging…hmmm, I read on and found this next,

Hmmm something is fishy…next I found one that asked what platform am blogging on because the layout looks different. Almost innocent, but has the same link as these two, or so. #HugeRedFlag. Then this,

And this,😂

I can go on, but I will stop here, I hereby officially declare all of such comments made by TROLLS. Looks like they found another way to make their trolling appeal to blog owners as not being spam. 

#WatchYourSpace 😍 Do comment on your TROLL stories with us all, I would love to read from you.




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