It’s 3:08am and am famished.

I exhausted my PC data around 3am this morning, I had been working online since 8pm the previous evening, needed to finish a project (Reviews/observations needed please). Needless to say, I was famished and the only fast food I could think about was one of John’s quick breakfast recipe he shared some days ago. I kept reading posts via my WordPress reader, telling myself I would go make the meal in some minutes. I ended up sleeping off around 6a.m till 10a.m. this morning, woke up about an hour ago, and you know what happened next.

I opened John’s post and followed the Recipe, substituting vanilla flavour for pineapple, adding a tablespoon of melted butter.

The Quick Breakfast Recipe (Follow John of tastefully simple blog for more amazing recipes, I don’t regret it, you won’t).

  1. Two big sized eggs.(this made me four toasts).
  2. Half teaspoon vanilla flavour, or any other you have.
  3. Half tablespoon of melted butter(optional).
  4. Two tablespoons of milk.

Directions: Heat your skillet or non-stick frying pan, gently soak bread, both sides in your egg mixture, place on pan, once it’s golden brown, turn the other side, and viola, its done. Munch away with your favourite drink or add some fruits and syrup like John did, you can even sprinkle icing sugar on top if you have a sweet tooth, I prefer honey but my honey jar is empty 😍.

I enjoyed my breakfast. This kind of breakfast would leave you replenished enough for hours.

Ciao 😍.


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