Daily post weekly photo challenge – Edge!

How do you feel when you have an edge over an idea, function, feeling, action, or thought? I’m guessing it feels good right?

I recently began a two week diet programme which has taught me a lot, and has given me an edge when purchasing my foodstuff, don’t fret i will blog about the programme right after its over, today is my 8th day.

Back to our edgy thoughts…I needed coconut milk yesterday morning, I had forgot to buy the previous day, then I thought, why would i even buy? I have an edge in this programme over any one who doesn’t have what I have right in my compound. Guess what it is? I will show you…;);)

Would you agree I truly have an edge?

But remember, because you have an edge over others doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the work or boast about it, hurting another person’s feelings😈! That would be mean.

I think this tree is planning to bring forth something, oh and at least I won’t be thinking of climbing this tree👅👆☝.

Here is another..👆👇

And here I am…attempting to jump off my edge👇, excited about the coconuts😍

Perhaps I should show you how tall the trees are, so you know having an edge doesn’t mean not doing any work in the past, present, or future.

Other attempts of Edgy Mary, i should have captured my mom in the background wondering how crazy could I get😂?

Moral of the day: Just because you have an edge, doesn’t mean you should oppress other human beings with it. It’s a blessing, touch other lives positively with it. That being said, you are welcome to pluck my coconuts…sharing is caring after all. It’s 9:28am here, and I wish you all an edgy day 😍.

P.s – click here to visit my last post on extracting coconut oil, milk and flower from your matured coconuts.


  1. Whoa! You got over-excited. Are you sure there are no additives on those coconuts? 😀 That’s very neat having coconuts that you can just twist off and take. Very very nice. My landlords always give me something fresh from her garden. GJ and GL, MJ, for this endeavor. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps the green ones got additives, I like to scrape the jelly like belly of it that’s not fully formed into coconut meat😂. When my brother sees me outside, he asks what video are you making this time? I’m itching to make more videos I tell you, got to get over being camera shy by fire by force 😂. Your landlords are kind, give them my thanks. By the way we got mangos, our local apples, pear, Indonesian apples, plantain, cocoa, lime, one tree of tangerines that has never been sweet 😂. When the pears start falling, I get excited too 😂


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