Life is a journey’ Help someone today!

Barely few hours into the journey, 

Traffic almost everywhere,

Not because of any other thing,

But bad roads so terrible it gives you a headache just by sitting in the cab.

Hey look, this traffic is about to increase,

What is the cause of this traffic now,

Oh my God, there are two bodies lying on the road, and a bike under a trailer.

I’m not the type that wants to see,

The memory stays in my head forever,

It is one thing to hear, it is another to see, what a sad world.

A village lay just ahead,

These ones aren’t going home tonight,

Thinking about these things, you begin to wonder why people hold grudges.

Going out today, wait, its another one,

I can’t look at the body,

But I can see the fresh red blood trickling down the hot tarred road with holes.

So many people are gathered,

This one isn’t going home as well,

Thinking about all these, the fear lives fresh within my heart, i desire to not step out of the house.

Then i remember,

For we must all die one day,

A peaceful death we can hope for,

For it is Grace that keeps us living,

That is not to say those that died didn’t have Grace abiding with them.

But the time will come, when it will be our time, and we shall be gone…I only pray for a peaceful death.

Perhaps we can ask ourselves everyday,

Why am i here?

I am here to be happy,

I am here to make others happy,

I am here to do my best at being good.

I am here to love all with no prejudice,

Because life is too short to be anything but good! 

P.s ~ I apologize to my followers for my radio silence this past week. Will be back to exploring your blogs soon.

Help someone today! Do good today!

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