How to think🤔?

I’m curious, am i the only one whose thoughts get thrown off by any little negative or irritating comment?

Let me explain, I like thinking a lot, no I love to think, its my way of planning, strategizing and organizing great things. Sadly, I’m in a place in my life where i hear or see something that throws my thoughts off balance almost everyday. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to get out, but not right now because I’m stuck. Thinking to me is my way of going on break, when I get thrown off, my thoughts become scrambled. 

Music so far is the only healer of my thoughts to get back on track….off to listen to some right now.

Any other person with any experience? What did or do you do to get back on track? Nodding my head, patiently waiting to read from you 😁!

P.S – I know I’m still missing on catching up with reading blogs I follow, I will come through soon. Hugs.


  1. Negative comments have the potential to affect us all, I think. I guess you either need to have a thick skin or a really good comeback. I learned to be snarky, and sarcastic. OR…the best thing I have found to do is just look at them and laugh. It throws them off.

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    1. Hmmmm i like the look and them and laugh part, that will help me a lot right now before i go crazy. Also a really good comeback will be awesome. Xoxo. Thanks dear.


        1. hmm thanks, i shall work on my smiling when irritated, smiling seems to be a great recommendation. Thanks again dear. Tell me, what does it mean to say ‘bless your heart’, now am curious to know more.


  2. Oh yeah, yeah. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I would be at a party or a fun get together with friends and co-workers and all would be well until someone made some quick comment that simply hurt. HURT. I was once told that I had to quit taking every thing so personally. Oh, right. Well, over the years I’ve finally managed to get the tough skin, but I think Maria you are a sensitive soul. And that’s NOT a bad thing. It’s good. You care for yourself and you care for others. People are just…what they are. What can we do? I think eventually my defense against the off-hand insult was to turn it into a joke or simply agree. That usually stops the B.S. right in its tracks. Laugh and move on. Bless your heart.

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    1. Thanks Paul…Hugs. Funny i also got a very thick skin outside, that one is guaranteed. What hurts is when it is from within. I pray to get to the point where i can take it all as a joke and never let it under my skin. Thanks again Paul, Xoxoxo.

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