10 things you will regret at age 60

Two days ago, a good friend sent me an audio note which was an interview with a man in his sixties, the man mentioned 10 things which one would regret at age 60. I started playing the voice note, and because i was busy working, i started jotting down the points as he mentioned them, after listening to all; i just had to share with you all. Here it goes:

I took notes..haha
I took notes..haha
  1. Not making the most of your time – I am doing my best to not be guilty of this one
  2. Not saving or investing enough – i am working on this as well
  3. Not spending more time with family – this is so important i have changed my routine to suit my family
  4. Not reading enough – guilty, not anymore, every month i will be reviewing a book i read, click here to find posts.
  5. Not controlling your sexual urges – do i still need to tell you this is important? anyway i am not guilty.
  6. Caring too much about what people think of you – i am so not guilty, i am perfect at this, i always tell my friends when they mention what people will say; ‘i am not responsible for people’s thoughts’
  7. Not taking better care of your body and health – i used to be guilty, not anymore..jajaja
I got evidence...haha
I got evidence, i am keeping fit…haha

8. Not investing in others – i find myself passionate about investing in others

9. Not persevering enough – am i tired? not yet, i shall persevere..

10. Not living your passion – i am doing more of this everyday, enjoying discovering who i truly am.

Of course i am going to add mine….

11. Not being thankful enough

12. Not being happy more

13. Not keeping spiritually fit


Okay, so now you can add yours or share areas you are guilty of or not guilty off with us….

Love ya all! Muaaah.

7 thoughts on “10 things you will regret at age 60

  1. Great things to think about and remember! Thanks for this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by Lisa. You are appreciated. 💋


  2. Hey, M! Interesting read. Gym is really doing you justice; you coming up nicely, hey. Keep walking!

    I’m guilty of almost everything there, btw!

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    1. We need to get you up on your butt to start walking..haha. What would it take me?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nine souls and a ouija board….😂

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