Never doubt yourself for one minute

The WordPress Discover Page lives up to its name because it is one place I enjoy going to explore amazing bloggers, remember my last post talked about exploring to discover who we are.

Earlier this year I had told myself i wouldn’t like to miss any discover post or photo challenge anymore, sadly I still do, especially when I want to come up with a post at all cost, the inspiration runs away.

One thing has worked for me though, it might work for you too, I visit daily post to see what the week’s challenge theme is, I note it somewhere in my thoughts, and the most miraculous thing always happen when I don’t sweat about coming up with my post response to the challenge.

What happens you may ask? I get presented with an experience that serves as my appropriate interpretation to the challenge.

Around 7:30am this morning after a whole night of working on my PC, i took this picture, matter of fact, I was sending it to my cousin to show him how sleepy i was, what’s interesting is that i woke up 5 hours later and the last thing I remember doing was clicking the shutter button.
I know that I am beautiful, but when I look at this picture, I see a beautiful and secure individual, it makes me wonder why i have been doubting myself for so long!

If you are reading this, and you are like me, doubting the power of Self, guess what, its time to let loose, remember, we discover who we truly are by exploring, not hiding thinking we are secure.

What sayeth you my friend? We let loose or we keep hiding?

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  1. I totally agree. WP is a wonderful place to visit every morning! Of course it’s always a treat to see your cheerful face…even your sleepy one! 🙂 Hope you have a great day! Thanks for sharing.

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