I will tell you something good

Few weeks ago, my daily routine got badly disrupted, i went from sleeping by 10pm to sleeping at 4am, it took me so many years to overcome not sleeping at night and there i was slipping back into that disruptive routine. You see, ever since I made that decision last year November to shut down my PC by 7pm, and go to bed before 11pm, i found myself functioning at a higher level of productivity, i got more done within a month than i had in a year.

i made my list despite having lost 3 hours because i woke up late – and i decided to rock my round earrings just to piss off folks who say a round shaped earring does not go with a round face.

The goal for me was physical, spiritual and mental fitness and i wasn’t about to back down, but i was slipping so fast and it almost became a routine again. Quite a series of events had occurred within the past 6 months that have guided me on the journey to become a better person to myself and i am loving the new me to be honest. Let me tell you something good today:

Nobody can help you but YOURSELF!

Needless to say i had to put an end to the madness before i finally slipped away. I did and guess what? I woke up on the 1oth of April and said enough is enough. I got back on track despite sleeping late and waking up late as well. The universe did not let me down either, i got on my PC bright and work-ready to find my Chrome browser didn’t close correctly – meaning i had the option to restore my tabs or start afresh, What do you think i did?

i proudly covered all the tasks i listed out for the day by focusing on one at a time. Focus’ will be a story for another day.

The moral of this story is this: You see even though i tried so many tactics such as asking friends to wake me up before 7am, at the end of the day, i had to make the decision myself. Yes it is okay to be supported by friends, family and loved ones, but only YOU can make the decision to be saved, no one can decide that for you!

Who else had an amazing Easter weekend?


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