Never say never eh?

I used to say never a lot prior to last year and i have learnt the hard way to ‘Never say Never’. My list is not limited to this, i will keep adding to it. You want to share yours? Let’s hear it in the comments.

I will never use an android

I will never use a techno phone

I will never eat oats

i will never sleep at nights

i will never get married

i will not have children

i will never attend Ojude Oba Festival

i will not change my name after marriage

Maybe you are a fan too? always saying you will never do this or that?

Again i implore you as Brandy once said ” Never Say Never”

Who says you will Never?


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15 thoughts on “Never say never eh?

  1. Lol i also remember saying i will never buy a blackberry phone that the distraction was too much but alas, i ended up having 2 lol

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    1. Mine was the opposite. I was using BlackBerry and I said I will never use an Android phone.


    2. I use a cheaper Samsung now. I got it for 48k. Because I slashed my phone budget to 50k. But “I’ll never use a Samsung phone” was on my never list. Maybe I should look at that list again.

      Thanks, Mary.

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      1. Hi hi. You welcome. The more I look at my list, the more I remember past Nevers 😂. So yeah do take a look at that list again 😎.

        I won’t (not never) want to slash my phone’s budget though. Its my primary work 🔧😀.


  2. LOL. I remember once saying “I will NEVER pay 55 cents for a gallon of gas!”

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    1. haha let me guess, you now pay 55 cents or more for a gallon of gas?

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      1. I sure do! I actually do say never but when I say it now…I mean it…but it’s things like “I’ll never drink another sip of milk.” I went from drinking a gallon a day to zilch. That was five years ago and I have never had another drop.

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        1. I’m all for healthy habits and living Sis.

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        2. I just remember another. I Never sleep at nights. Thank goodness I overcame that.

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          1. Oh heavens! Thank goodness is right! 😴😬

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