Any one else feels like jumping off a bridge?

As humans we are prone to judging people quickly even before we meet them. I feel its almost an automated human habit that if not checked, it becomes a very bad habit.

Youths today are under a lot of pressure, together with peer pressure you get to deal with family, career and societal pressure. So much that all you want is perfection, no matter the cost. 

Gone are the days where it was either being a teacher, an engineer or a nurse. Choosing a career now is much more diverse and interesting, I won’t go into that detail here.
We find it so easy to attach labels and apply buts to everything yet we find it difficult to understand why a person may want to jump off a bridge.

A typical example is that of an unmarried lady who’s being asked all the time if she’s in a relationship. They keep asking why are you still single, why don’t you want to be in a relationship, when she gets married and doesn’t give birth within two years, hahaha that’s another trouble. I can go on but lets leave it there..

So somewhere along the line I’m wondering, amidst all the pressure youths are bombarded with today, we still find it hard to understand why they make difficult choices?

We find it difficult to understand why a person’s thoughts would arrive at the point where they feel like jumping off a bridge and they JUMP just because there’s a bridge to jump off in sight.

Personally, I don’t. That’s because before I started writing this post, my thoughts got to the point where it said “I feel like jumping off a bridge”

Food for thought 1: Strive not to indulge in the bad habit of constantly judging others or asking questions that adds pressure to a person’s thoughts. Don’t be one of the people who makes another jump off a bridge.

Food for thought 2: Train your thoughts so that when you feel like jumping off a bridge, you go do an activity that makes you feel better. For me, its blogging ❤

Have you ever felt like jumping off a bridge? I hope not 😂 What do you do when you feel overly pressured?

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