No knowledge is ever wasted indeed..

the fixer tools

I had almost forgotten how to experiment.

One thing my father kept knocking into us while we grew up was the saying;

no knowledge is wasted!

He didn’t just make us recite the saying, he made us practice it morning, afternoon and night.

Moji, Mojisola; my dad would call..

come and open up this machine, let us see what is damaged or not damaged in it. My dad wasn’t doing these things because he could not pay for it, i guess the engineering spirit runs deep in all our veins.

When i was younger even up till my college years, i used to love fixing stuff when it got broken. In college if i called a handyman which i rarely did and he didn’t show up on time, i did attempt to fix my stuff myself. Sometimes i succeeded, other times i didn’t, but it always felt good to try.

However, after college, youth service, and my time working in diverse firms, i lost interest in fixing things, i became more involved with making money and carving out a living, i became disinterested in fixing anything so long as i could pay to have it fixed.

Looking back now, i never should have stopped. Little by little though i am getting that vibe back, i have ginger growing in a cup in my kitchen that needs transplanting into a 12 inch pot for over a month now, together with one of my older brothers, we fixed a desktop phone battery last night.

My little brother had ordered for the battery before dashing to school. It arrived but had a wrong pin, tinier than what we needed, we were contemplating returning it, when my older brother suggested why not just cut off the pin from the old one, cut the tiny one-off the new one and join together using a tape.

Sighs…we did and it worked of course. Back in the day i wouldn’t have hesitated to do a thing like that. I believe i am ready to start experimenting again. God bless my dad, my mom and my siblings. We are all fixers and it runs deep within the Job’s Extended Family *hearts*

An experiment done by my little brother, this is now the power bank he uses to charge his phone for over a year now.
An experiment done by my little brother, this is now the power bank he uses to charge his phone for over a year now.

my lil fixing experiment
our fixing experiment for the desktop phone battery last night








How about you? You want to start fixing things around your house, your environment or you want to wait for the expert all the time? 

Are you a fixer? Are you hungry for actionable information? Which would you rather acquire? Money or knowledge? or both? Jajaja! I want to read your answer in the comment area *grins*

I am going to leave you with a quote from Strive Masiywa’s post on Facebook today.

Train your to develop a habit to be informed –

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