If you die, you die!

this is what burnt beans looks like

Similar phrases are used a lot lately.

Daughter: Story timeeeeeeee (just as she announces every night)

Me: I’m really tired tonight, please go to sleep.

Daughter: Oh you want me to go to sleep so you can put on the computer beside you and start doing stuff while I sleep.

Me: 🤐🤐🤐🤐

Daughter: I’m smarter than you o, I’m not a fool sometimes at all. Maybe you don’t know.

Me: 😱😱😱😱

Truthfully, I was really tired because I also slept off. Woke up two hours later smelling fumes from the beans I was warming on the stove earlier. The beans were badly burnt. Grateful to my creator that we are safe. We wouldn’t wish to disappear on the world just like that.

Moral of the story: Your body gives warning signs when exhausted, don’t ignore it!

If you die from negligence, you die. It wasn’t the devil nor your village people.

Accidents happen within spilt seconds. Dozing off for a second can do as much damage as blinking. Stay safe!


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