MakeITUltra Award – Explore Original Blogs

It will always be an honour to be nominated for an award, amidst countless blogs available, the fact that one was thought of and nominated is a gesture I will always appreciate. I want to thank Sharon of the Element Healing Blog for nominating me for the MakeItUltra award. She is my mom and sister…

The Liebster Award..

The first rule for this award is to thank who nominated you.  So thank you Spartacus for this award…Mwaaaah. If you haven’t been following his posts, then you are missing out big time, there is much to learn from the experience of this wonderful individual and oh well, he looks cuddly too..Hehehe. by the way, my…

One Lovely Blog Award

I implore you, my friends on here, to make sure you check out these blogs and follow, they all run great blog posts. Don’t forget, knowledge comes from looking through the perspective of others beyond our imaginations. Muuuuuuuuuah!!!!

Infinity Dreams Award..

What is the best gift you believe the world needs in this age?? THE RULES ARE: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Tell us 11 facts about yourself. Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you. Lastly, Nominate 11 other bloggers. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to Oba for nominating me for this award….

Starlight Blogger Award!

I got nominated for this award on the 4th of October by a blogger friend, Michael of michaelathonyrios blog, if you have never visited his blog, you should do so, I find his blog interesting to read and exciting.             Starlight Blogger Award!! Here are the Nomination Rules for nominating your 6 favorite bloggers! In your…