Any one else feels like jumping off a bridge?

As humans we are prone to judging people quickly even before we meet them. I feel its almost an automated human habit that if not checked, it becomes a very bad habit. Youths today are under a lot of pressure, together with peer pressure you get to deal with family, career and societal pressure. So…

My Ojude-Oba Experience

Surely you don’t think i will let you go without some words of wisdom from the Otunba Tunwase, the Olori Omo-Oba of Ijebu land himself, do you?

Always put God first,
Be proud of your heritage,
Have a great sense of Self,
Be Intentional with your Uniqueness,
Don’t be afraid to be the 1st at anything, take charge.

Never say never eh?

I used to say never a lot prior to last year and i have learnt the hard way to ‘Never say Never’. My list is not limited to this, i will keep adding to it. You want to share yours? Let’s hear it in the comments. I will never use an android I will never…

What do you do on Fridays?

Hey hey everyone, TGIF right? So i just discovered there’s a follow Friday (obviously a thing to do on Fridays) tag going on on Meg’s Blog, you should totally check her blog out, she has a cute dog and blogs about dating, relationships and societal roles in that. So i hear Follow Friday is about…

How do i Let-Go

Sitting here reflecting on the first day we met in person You had such beautiful eyes and a beautiful big smile the shape of a half moon Like the morning sunšŸŒžyou were warm – adorable like a dove – kind – loving and humble We were going to see two movies but I had misplaced…

Evernote Walking Challenge

Awesome. Great to find out i am not the only one who prefers to walk….as opposed to jogging. Haha. #FitFam i am lagging behind. Thanks for this wake up call David. I am going to try Evernote..i have never used that. I see the icon and i simply say NO. Time to test out something…

I got a feeling..

Are you feeling down, unhappy, sad that things are not going the way you want?  Fret not, sometimes all you need is a step back to explore similar perspectives, troubleshoot, then approach your problems with a grateful, thankful, happy heart. Today is going to be Awesome! Don’t you agree? I woke up to see this…

I will tell you something good

Few weeks ago, my daily routine got badly disrupted, i went from sleeping by 10pm to sleeping at 4am, it took me so many years to overcome not sleeping at night and there i was slipping back into that disruptive routine. You see, ever since I made that decision last year November to shut down…

Never doubt yourself for one minute

If you are reading this, and you are like me, doubting the power of Self, guess what, its time to let loose, remember, we discover who we truly are by exploring, not hiding thinkingĀ we areĀ secure.

Discover who you are

Hiya #All, Today i want you to know something.  From playful ideas cometh great inspiration. ~Mary Job You cannot discover who you truly are without exploring! Where do you think great stories come from?  Great stories comes from explorers, those who know how and where to explore.  What interests are you exploring lately? #BestBelieveThat #ExploretoDiscover

Embracing Failure: Here’s My CV of Academic Rejections

Originally posted on jessica vitak, phd:
A few days ago on CNBC, I saw this article on a problem especially rampant in academia, and one that Iā€™ve talked about on numerous occasions: the perception that successful academics never fail in their work. Every manuscript is accepted! Every grant proposal funded! Jobs are thrown at them.…